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Kyle Goleno is the developer of Eat Napa.

Kyle is the co-founder of L.L.C.

I grew up in Napa, and I live here now. Being surrounded by the wine tourism industry I wanted to be involved in some way and creating this company has allowed me to be apart of this community.

Eat Napa stemmed from the numerous times my wife and I wanted to go out to dinner and were brainstorming for ideas on what we would like to eat. We are spoiled living in an area with so many excellent restaurants! With so many places though, sometimes we forget about some of the great places we’ve been to in the past. I wanted a way where we could browse a list of our favorite places easily.

The other really important thing was having the ability to see the restaurants’ menus. Not only to be able to see the menu, but to be able to quickly navigate them and have some consistency to the flow and design, so that when browsing each restaurant you’re not thrown off with how the menu is presented, but can just look at the actual menu items.

I hope you find this app as helpful to you as it is to us.

If there is anything you would like to chat about with me personally, please contact me.